Shadow Enterprises started as a pioneering small woman-owned company that understood the need for quality equipment/products used in the daily lives of the front line emergency first responding modern day warriors. Shadow Enterprises was formed in 2001 to meet those equipment and product needs. In 2005, Shadow was awarded a Federal Supply Schedule Contract from the General Services Administration (GSA). However, as time went on, another need became very obvious, available tactical and cost-effective training for these warriors. Shadow again responded by incorporating tactical training courses and prioritizing that training to meet the critical need of knowledge and skills required to gain and maintain the tactical edge for these modern day warriors. Shadow, at the same time, also opened up a security division that employs highly trained and experienced professionals to perform close protection detail assignments along with site security for special events or natural disaster areas and relief efforts. Shadows security division is currently contracted for emergency security deployment with one of the largest and fastest growing banks in Southwest Missouri with locations in Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas.

As ever changing challenges to law enforcement, military, and private security increase, so does the need for training that is proven to really work. Realistic training is the best way to prepare yourself or team with a conditioned response for real world problems and high risk situations that the more sophisticated violent criminals, combatants, and vindictive out-of-touch ideologues present. Shadow Enterprises high speed training will increase your skills and effectiveness as an individual or team. Our mission is to provide top notch tactical training and a positive training experience that can be retained, utilized, and ultimately save lives. Unfortunately around 95% of law enforcement officers become dull and numb to the everyday dangers that lurks just ahead. This numbness causes officers to disregard life saving tactics and in time loose their tactical thinking and decision making skills which result in preventable tragedies that ends up on the 10:00 o’clock news.

Don’t let yourself or an innocent citizen become a statistic and the next tragic training lesson, become an elite tactical 5%er through Shadow Enterprises. Contact us today for available classes.

Training & Security Director

Darren Parker is a retired Chief of Police with over 20 years of training Law Enforcement, S.W.A.T. Officers, and Security Personnel. He has received numerous awards and commendations including the J. Edgar Hoover Memorial Gold Medal.


I have been to several sniper schools and Shadows course was the ONLY one that presented information and taught tactics as it relates to law enforcement. This class is a 10!
Tommy Wade

Officer, Ozark MO, PD

Shadow Enterprise Training Facility

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We offer complete training on site, however, if you would like to host a training course in your area, please contact us for availability and pricing.